Gemini Telescope Design has been serving astronomers with high precision mechanics and electronics since 1996 (explore the Gemini Telescope Design history). Our product range includes German Equatorial and Fork Mounts, GoTo Controllers for steppers and servo motors, accessories, custom OTAs and solutions for complete robotic observatories.

E.fric Friction Drive Equatorial Mount   based on our unique Friction Drive (without gears) is ideal for  astrophotographers working in the field or from an observatory, remote or local.

MOFOD Fork Mount is the ideal solution for demanding astronomy applications (public, school, society or professional observatories). Our Modular Fork Design allows changing the OTA by sliding the fork arms in or out. The MOFOD Fork Mount is the most stable observatory class mount with remote control.

Robotic observatory and telescopes is our service for selected clients. We have a decade’s  background in medium size (up to 50cm) robotic telescopes, which are mostly in professional use. We offer a reliable system with many possible customised solutions. For robotic operation Gemini Telescope Design provides computer based automation system that allows you to operate an observatory many kilometers away or across the internet.

PULSAR is a unique ASCOM compatible GoTo Controller with 8 bit microstep, allows you to use very low total gear ratios (down to 180) which result in very smooth periodic error. All our mounts: G41, G42+, G53F  run under PULSAR control. It is possible to upgrade several other mounts with PULSAR control. PULSAR supports mounts like EQ6, GPDX, EM200, G11, with the suitable (stepper) motor kits.

SERVICES  We are specialized in the refurbishing of small to medium observatories with our 20+ years of experience.

Integra 85 is an innovative product that will solve your focusing and rotating needs with a short backfocus. The focusing function of the Integra 85 is based on 3 fine pitch leadscrews running in special low friction nuts that provide high load capacity up to 8 kg load.

SnapCap is excellent solution for dust protection in local and robotic observatory. A tubecap that installs in minutes, has an optional flat foil and works in the field too.

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